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Coloured Backgrounds in Gutenberg

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To add a splash of colour behind a paragraph of text, you go over to the sidebar and you will see two tabs. One says Colour Settings and the other says Advanced.  When you open the Colour Settings you see two palettes of colours. Depending on which palette you choose, you can change the colour of the text and/or the colour of the background to the text. You can choose one of the predefined colours […]

Block Gallery


The Block Gallery includes a masonry gallery that I am using here. Notice the ability to make the corners of the images rounded. It is also possible to change the width of the gutter between the images. The other options are a fullscreen stacked gallery and a carousel slider. The fullscreen stacked gallery allows fullscreen images one above the other. I am not sure I would ever want to use that, except I wonder whether […]

Disable Gutenberg Blocks


With Disable Gutenberg blocks by Danny Cooper, you can disable the blocks you don’t need. On the plugin page in the WordPress repository there is a list of the block plugins that it supports. I am not sure what ‘disable’ means. Having listened to Joost speaking yesterday on WP Sessions, I understand that the problem with blocks is that if you have a number of collections of blocks, then they are all called on every […]