Running The WooCommerce Setup Wizard

If you skip the setup wizard when you activate WooCommerce, a number of pages will not be created. If you go to WooCommerce/Status you will see that the following pages are not set:

  • Shop base
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • My account
  • Terms and conditions

They are all special pages designed with WooCommerce shortcodes, and if you skipped or missed the setup wizard when you first downloaded and activated the plugin, you can restart the wizard at any time by going to:


-OR- next to Add To Basket

I narrowed down the conditions under which the problem happened to the following:
– When ApplePay is set in Stripe ( Enable Payment Request Buttons. (Apple Pay/Chrome Payment Request API)
– And the product is a variable product
– And I am looking in Safari browser (but not in Firefox or Chrome)
– And I am logged in

Then the Add To Basket button shows the -OR- which is part of the Pay with Apple Pay – OR –

In Safari/Privacy I disabled ‘Allow website to check for Apple Pay and Apple Card in’, and then logged out of my WooCommerce site and back in again and the problem went away.

WooCommerce Bot Purchases

I haven’t had this problem, but I saw it reported. The problem is bots making purchases using invalid credit card credentials. The poster wondered how this could be mitigated and the reply was to use the plugin Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha with invisible captcha enabled.

It is directly on the checkout page and blocks orders that it registers as bots.

I looked up the plugin (it is the WP repository) and it describes itself as being able to show noCaptcha or invisible captcha on various pages, including WooCommerce, Login, Register, Lost Password, Reset Password, etc.