WooCommerce Block Link To Categories

I posted a Support question to the WooCommerce Blocks plugin support page. This plugin is now merged in core, but I didn’t know where else to ask about this, so I asked there.

I would like the facility display a grid of three, or four, or whatever images on a page so that when an image is clicked it does not go to a specific product page but rather it goes to the catalogue page of the category to which that particular image belongs.

That includes being able to choose specific products as the ‘key’ images for the categories, and that the label beneath each image should be the category label.

Hannah Swain from Support replied that WooCommerce Blocks doesn’t currently have an option to handle this, and that the Block was oriented at linking to products directly.

She said that I could add a feature request for this on the Github repo, which I did.

WooCommerce Product Archive Customiser

With some WordPress themes, the theme overrides the ability to increase the number of products per row in the archive pages.

This plugin, written by James Koster of the WooCommerce team, is pretty old but works OK – at least for now. As it describes:

It allows you to customise WooCommerce product archives. Change the number of product columns and the number of products displayed per page.

Toggle the display of core elements and enable some that are not included in WooCommerce core such as stock levels and product categories.

Woocommerce Themes

I’ll add themes to this post as I try more of them.

Slush by ZigzagPress (Genesis child theme)

Minimalist. light theme with good use of white space. Nothing wrong with it, but for my taste it lacks presence in the header area.

Uku from ElmaStudio

A lovely theme with nice typography and use of white space, elegant. It only allows three products images across in the archive pages, but using the WooCommerce Product Archive Customiser by James Koster (in the WordPress Repository) it will render four across.

However, it then needs some CSS to deal with the display on mobile. A future version of Uku might have more archive column options built in.

Ascend from Kadence Themes

Lots of options with a couple plugins from Kadence, but I found it very slow to respond in the Customiser. It has more options than I got around to using. I might try it again at some point to see what it can do.

Sullivan by Anders Norén

Perfectly OK from a functional point of view, but not enough visual attraction built in to attract me to it.

Generate Press by Tom Usborne

The free version is too plain for my taste. The premium version (cheap for what it offers) has a number of pre-built options in the site library, including two WooCommerce options. It also has some video walk-throughs for customising the site with the premium options.

I tried the premium version and like it so much that I am now using it for my e-commerce sites. The options for WooCommerce built into the back end are a joy. With one click you can show the Add To Cart buttons on the catalogue pages, or turn them off.

It makes it easy to do the things a shop owner might want to do to get their shop the way they want.