Customise Your Woo Email Content

WooCommerce just released version 3.7, which is what they describe as a minor update. One thing you can now do is change the wording of emails from the Email Settings for each type of email without the need to override templates.

Up to now, the only way to do that would be to change the templates or use a plugin. I used a plugin and now I don’t need to use it any more. That’s good – another plugin I can remove and lighten the load on the system.

The thing is, and that’s the point of this post – is that it’s a dicey world for ‘add-on’ providers. The email customiser is now redundant, overtaken by the main application designers.

I see the same thing with Things, the reminders application for Mac. Now the native Reminders application is getting more fully featured, it’s eating into the potential customer base for Things.

This kind of thing must be being replicated in many scenarios.

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