Testing Instant Images Plugin


Instantly upload photos from Unsplash to your website without leaving WordPress!

Instant Images is the fastest and easiest way to upload high quality FREE photos from unsplash.com directly to your media library.

How to use Instant Images after installing it from the WP Repository? There’s a little lightning flash at the top of the sidebar, and when I hover over that it says ‘Instant Images’. So let’s give it a go.

I searched for ‘pear’ and chose these images. The plugin downloads and resizes the images. It brought one down on its side, and though I edited it in the media library it still showed on its side. I would have to delete the image and pull it from the media library if I wanted to use it.

It doesn’t fill in alt tags, but then I don’t know whether the alt tag was filled in for the images I pulled down.

Two of the images were 800px wide and one was 960px wide by 1200px. Let’s see what happens if I change the width and height for that image proportionately to 800px by 1000px. Yes, that works.

Hat tip to Chris McMahon at the Cambridge WordPress Group

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